Rooms Available in the Wilson Library

The schedule is divided into 15-minute increments in order to accommodate faculty teaching schedules which do not start or end on the hour.

Hogan Seminar Room (Room 160) is designated for ULV faculty and staff meetings, library instruction, dissertation defenses, and other functions sponsored by the library. Current students may reserve Room 160 for group video/DVD viewing or group presentation practice only. This room seats 16 people.

Ring Presentation Room (Room 172) is no longer available for booking. It is now the Library's Makerspace.


To Reserve a Room: 

  • Select the date in which you want to reserve a room on the calendar below.
  • Look on the chart on the right to determine if a room is available at the time you need.  Green indicates Available. Red indicates the room is already booked. Blue indicates the library is either CLOSED or the reservation time falls within the next 24 hours.  (NOTE: room reservation policies require request be submitted at least 24 hours, not including weekends,  in advance.)
  • The time blocks are in 15 minute increments with a 5 minute break. Click on the number of blocks to fill the time blocks needed.  (e.g. you need to schedule the room from 11:45am - 1pm, you would check 11:40,12:00, 12:20, and 12:40). Please note that leaves a 5 minute break between your meeting and the next reservation. 
  • The times you select will turn yellow and a list of times you have selected will appear below.
  • Fill out the form, and click Submit my Booking.